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There are many different options that clients can choose from when opting to have polished concrete in their premises. See below the various polished concrete finishes and services that we offer.

Full Aggregate Exposure

Full aggregate exposure is where we will grind up to 5mm off the top of the floor to reveal as much rock exposed as possible. With the vast amounts of different coloured aggregates and coloured cements available on the market, your options for a tailored, unique and individual floor are limitless.

Concrete Finish 800x600_0003_full exposure finish

Salt & Pepper Finish

The salt and pepper finish is achieved by grinding 1-2mm off the top of the floor to reveal only the sands and least amount of aggregate possible.

Concrete Finish 800x600_0000_sltnpepperfinish

Nil Exposure/Surface Polish

Nil exposure/surface polished slabs are floors that the polisher only polishes the finished product left behind by the concreter. These are very desirable looking floors for a lot of clients that are after an industrial type floor finish. These floors however, are the hardest floors to polish consistently as the floor must be screeded completely flat, finished flat and burnished to a high level that leaves no blade marks, inconsistencies and imperfections in the finishing process. Careful consideration must be taken when deciding to choose this type of finished floor as there are many factors that can affect the outcome of the final product. These floors are fully achievable, but all variables must be noted regarding a consistent colour and polish on this type of floor. HPC can discuss and provide all the information required from ordering concrete, placement, finishing and curing methods in preparation for these types of slabs to help produce this type of floor but still cannot guarantee what the finished product will look like. In addition to the variables above, weather conditions, traffic conditions when the concrete is in transit to the site, water of convenience added on site all call influence the finishing process for these slabs. Please remember these floors are the hardest out of all concrete polishes to obtain a perfect, uniform finish and sometimes the final outcome may differ to what your original expectations may be.

Concrete Finish 800x600_0004_burnished finish

Random Exposure

The random exposure look is achieved by grinding 2-3mm off the floor, with this look being more easily achievable on pre-existing slabs that may not have been poured for polishing purposes. Slabs that are more uneven that have both high and low spots will achieve a better random exposure slab due to the floor grinder grinding into the high spots in grinding less into the low spots.

That’s not to say that new slabs designed for polished concrete cannot have random exposure achieved however there are no guarantees on how little or how much exposure is achieved on these floors

Concrete Finish 800x600_0001_random exposure

Our Services

Polished Concrete

  • Concrete is ground to desired aggregate exposure using various metal bond diamonds
  • The concrete is then grouted to fill all pin holes and cracks and chemical densifier is added to the concrete to help harden the surface for polishing
  • The honing and polishing process begins to achieve the desired look the client is after with options to have a matt, satin or full gloss finish
  • The floor is then enhanced with a penetrating sealer to help prevent stains and is buffed off to leave you with a stunning, durable polished floor

Pavilion Finish

  • This type of finish is used externally around pools, in al-fresco areas, drive ways and pathways
  • The concrete is ground to reveal the rock, then is acid washed to etch the concrete paste to provide a non-slip surface
  • This type of finish resembles the traditional exposed aggregate look but with a smooth finish that is pleasant under foot
  • Concrete is ground to desired rock exposure and then is vacuumed and sealed with a topical water based poly urethane sealer
  • We can grout the floor if the client specifies to do this to achieve a smoother finish
  • Please note that these are not polished concrete floors and do not have the same durability and look as a polished floor. They are prone to scratching and chipping if anything is dropped on them and need continuous re sealing every few years depending on the amount of traffic they are exposed to

Epoxy Coatings

  • Concrete is ground to desired exposure then vacuumed and a two-part epoxy coating is applied
  • This type of floor covering is more suited to garages, commercial and industrial environments as it is more resilient to chemical spills and harder wearing then a regular grind and seal

HPC also provide services for surface preparation for floor coatings and glue and adhesive removal on existing floors

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