White polished concrete floor for a new home extension in Blackrock

Assisting READBUILT to do white concrete floor polishing for this brand new home extension in Blackrock. A full exposure grind & mechanical polished concrete with gloss finish in white.
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Off white cement marble chips aggregate polished concrete floor sample

White polished concrete floors living room home extension in Melbourne

  • Type of site: New house extension

  • Size of area: 60 square metres

  • Services: Concrete grinding and mechanical concrete polishing

  • Floor: Off white cement marble chips aggregate finished in high gloss

  • Cost: $6,000-$7,000

  • Time required: Approximately 5 days

Haynes Polished Concrete is a Melbourne concrete polishing company that can be sub contracted by home builders for complete renovations, new home builds or (like this example) brand new home extensions to grind or polish white concrete floors. For this home in Blackrock we worked very closely with READBUILT who had been engaged by the home owners to build a brand new home extension into their existing back yard. The owners wanted a white concrete floor for their kitchen and living area to create a very bright, light space to live in. Getting white concrete floors for residential home builds is very simple, but it has to be specified before the new slab is poured.

The READBUILT team were the builders chosen to complete a modern extension that would be integrated into the existing home with a new floor plan that would join both structures. The new rear facade would be designed to have high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass and new concrete floors. Our concrete polishing company in Melbourne can work closely with builders, renovation companies, architects or interior designers to complete any type of project like this whether it is a renovation, brand new build or an additional dwelling being built. We have floor grinding and polishing equipment that is suitable for floor areas that are between 50 metre squared and 5,000 metre square in size which is perfectly suitable for most homes in Victoria.

The owners of this property wanted to add more living space to their existing home with a very modern look using white polished concrete flooring that would lead to an outdoor alfresco area and small courtyard. The floor area was approximately 60 square metres in size with a brand new concrete slab getting poured. The cement mix included off white cement marble chip aggregate to enable a lighter coloured polished concrete flooring finish. You can see some of the colour variations that can be created here in our gallery.

The budget required for this concrete grinding and mechanical polished concrete service was approximately $6,000 – $7,000 ex gst and as we explain below, it took around five days to complete. Homes with polished concrete floors are just as common in Melbourne as businesses.

New house extension getting built in Melbourne to get mechanical concrete polished floor

Is a white polished concrete floor interior the best choice for a new home extension in Melbourne?

We are bias of course, but if you are building a new home extension in Melbourne, most likely your footings will be a brand new concrete slab, especially if you live in some of the regional areas near bushland. New home construction these days in Victoria are pretty much all built with concrete foundations because of its strength, durability and resistance to things like floods or fires. We provide white concrete floor polishing for residential properties which is a unique interior design choice. Polished concrete with white aggregate can look amazing in a home or business.

The owners of this home could have laid new floor tiles, floating timber floor boards or even chosen to spray epoxy on their new concrete slab, but they already knew the benefits of mechanically polished concrete floors and chose this because it is cost effective, especially when renovating or doing home extensions. 

The other consideration was the beautiful big glass doors leading to the backyard, it would mean that any flooring in this space would be exposed to sun, wind, rain and moisture during its life. A polished concrete floor is perfect for areas of your home that may be exposed to the elements because of its durable nature. It can also handle all the foot traffic is people walk in and out everyday, the hard wearing surface will look like new even years after we have polished it. Doing a full exposure with a mid gloss finish will create a more consistent visual look with the large windows and sliding doors providing plenty of natural light and warmth for this extension which has been designed with a premium interior design style.

The only thing that has to be done to prepare a new concrete slab to get polished is a full grind to make sure any imperfections, trowel marks or slight variations in height are all levelled out perfectly before we begin polishing. We were able to do this once the READBUILT team had erected the new wall and ceiling structures.

When the concrete slab was poured the owners made sure that the colour of the cement and the aggregate used would make it perfect to create a white polished concrete floor surface. It makes the room feel larger & reflects light into the space throughout the day as well.

How good does white polished concrete flooring look in a home renovation?

Originally this infill slab was supposed to be a salt and pepper grind. Although it had to be turned into a full aggregate exposure finish because of the way the concrete floor was placed and finished during construction. There were also brass strips inserted into the slab to form the construction joins which can also help prevent cracking over the life of the floor as it ages. 

This meant a change in approach to how we polished this floor because those copper strips can turn black which can transfer into the concrete. It is situations like these where you really need an experienced concrete polisher in Melbourne who knows what they are doing, otherwise it can ruin your project and lead to thousands in repairs. The alternative would have been to work with chrome strips or have saw cuts put into the concrete slab that are filled with cement product to enable it to be ground and then polished as planned.

So, what is the solution?

We reverted to a full aggregate exposure finish with a full gloss that brings out the off white cement marble chip aggregate beautifully. We worked around the brass strips as needed and very carefully moved around the floor to complete the polishing work. Once the floor polishing was completed we handed the room over to READBUILT to continue their renovation work.

As you can see in the photos below the lighter coloured finish combined with the huge floor to ceiling glass area will enable lots of light to come into the room and be reflected off the floors to make it feel lighter, brighter & more luxurious. They could have chosen to just seal the concrete, but it wouldn’t have achieved the premium aesthetic to suit the design of the extension.

Read our explanation about sealed vs polished concrete floors here.

Can you have white polished concrete floors in a home renovation?

Take look at the behind the scenes photos of these white polished concrete floors. Many people will stick with the normal natural grey styles of concrete flooring but polished concrete can actually look good in black or white or even pastel colours if you want a bold interior design choice. White cement concrete is a type of concrete that uses white portland cement rather than traditional gray cement. This unique material is a becoming a popular choice for modern buildings and high-end residential projects because of its aesthetic appeal. The product’s major asset, aside form its striking architectural beauty, is its ability to remain white throughout its life. White concrete, obviously, is not a surface treatment that can deteriorate with age, instead you are working on the primary structural item of your home, the foundation.

How to use white cement for flooring in Melbourne

Using white cement for flooring in Melbourne is very easy to do, it is a colour choice that is made together with your concreting company when choosing the type of slab to be poured. They will offer a range of colours and aggregate mixes that will produce a very bright, white flooring surface once it is mechanically polished.

You can even choose to have coloured pieces of aggregate added to the concrete mix so there are slight specs of blue, green or red to add some interest to the floor surface. 

It is better to take this approach compared to trying to use white cement chips, or trying to stain concrete floors with a white colour for your interiors. Getting a mechanical concrete floor polished can show off the white surface with either a sating, semi-gloss or full-gloss finish that will look amazing for fifteen years or more. This can’t be said of similar options ot make your floors white which are not as durable.

What is the cost for white polished concrete with high gloss finish?

Polished concrete costs in Melbourne will vary irrespective of the colour, even if it is white. For example;

a) A concrete grind and seal will be cost between $50 and $75 per metre 

b) A mechanical polished concrete service for white flooring costs $80 to $110 per square metre. 


If you are considering laying tiles, outdoor pavers or timber decking in Melbourne you have to compare individual cost elements vs polished concrete interior floors;

  1. How much does it cost to purchase the raw materials?
  2. What is the freight cost to have the materials delivered to your location?
  3. What is the cost to prepare the surface area to be used?
  4. How much does it cost to have the materials layed?
  5. Do you have to then treat the materials once they are installed & how often does this need to be done again?


What you will very quickly discover is that using a polished concrete professional is a more cost effective choice. It can be cheaper than getting timber decking, outdoor paving, floorboards or tiling. The cost calculation gets even more complicated when you consider that some of these materials need to be treated regularly to maintain their finish.


For example buying basic outdoor pavers might cost around;

  • $50-$55 per square metre for basic concrete pavers (or up to $100 for other stone types)
  • $10-$15 per square metre for paver sealing
  • $20-$50 per square metre to get them laid
  • $200 to $500 in local delivery fees


Assuming the area is relatively flat the cost will sit between $80 and $115 per square metre to produce a similar outcome, but you have the added issues of gaps between the pavers with lots of lines, the chance for individual pavers to move & the colours may change over time as well.


A polished concrete specialist can help you work out the difference between burnished, epoxy, sealed or mechanically polished floor finishes.

20 reasons white polished concrete is a great interior design choice

  1. Durability: White polished concrete is a highly durable material that can withstand heavy foot traffic and resist stains and scratches.

  2. Easy to clean: White polished concrete is easy to clean and maintain, requiring only occasional sweeping and damp mopping.

  3. Low maintenance: Unlike other flooring materials, white polished concrete does not require regular sealing or waxing.

  4. Cost-effective: White polished concrete is a cost-effective flooring option that can save homeowners money in the long run.

  5. Eco-friendly: White polished concrete is a sustainable flooring option that does not require the use of toxic chemicals or adhesives.

  6. Versatility: White polished concrete can be customized with different levels of sheen and aggregate exposure to suit a wide range of design styles.

  7. Reflective: White polished concrete is highly reflective, making it a great option for rooms with limited natural light.

  8. Thermal mass: White polished concrete has thermal mass, which means it can help regulate temperature in a room by absorbing and releasing heat.

  9. Hypoallergenic: White polished concrete is hypoallergenic and does not harbor dust mites, mold or mildew.

  10. Resistant to fire and moisture: White polished concrete is resistant to fire and moisture, making it a great option for kitchens and bathrooms.

  11. Easy installation: White polished concrete can be installed directly over existing concrete slab, making it a quick and easy flooring option.

  12. Sleek and modern look: White polished concrete gives a sleek and modern look to any space.

  13. Variety of design options: White polished concrete can be have slightly different colour or texture to it depending how the cement mix is organised.

  14. Long-lasting: White polished concrete is a long-lasting flooring option that will last for decades with proper maintenance.

  15. Increases property value: White polished concrete can increase the value of a property by providing a modern and high-end look.

  16. Easy to repair: White polished concrete is easy to repair and can be refinished to look like new.

  17. Low VOCs: White polished concrete emits low levels of volatile organic compounds, making it a healthier option for indoor spaces.

  18. Enhances natural light: White polished concrete enhances natural light in a space, giving rooms a brighter and more open feel.

  19. Great for high-traffic areas: White polished concrete is great for high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways, as it can withstand heavy foot traffic.

  20. Customisable: White polished concrete can be adjusted and customised to different levels of sheen and aggregate exposure to suit a wide range of design styles.

How to make white cement floors for concrete polishing in Melbourne

New house extension full exposure grind mid gloss mechanical concrete white polished floor in Melbourne under natural light

When people think about concrete the immediate image in their mind is boring grey colours. Although as you can see in the photos of this new home being built in Melbourne, it has white polished concrete flooring. White cement floors can easily be made if you plan well enough with the concrete contractor and your concrete polishing company.

Homes with high gloss white polished concrete floors in Melbourne are actually quite common these days. When you organise a new concrete slab to be poured you can ask the concreter to make sure that when it is polished it has a white colour to it.

We can grind and polish the concrete floor to give it a semi gloss or full gloss finish with a white colour. It makes a room feel larger, brighter and very clean as soon as someone walks in.

Polished concrete floors in homes are one of the best interior design choices anyone can make and is much cheaper than marble floors but look just as good. 

A white polished concrete floor looks great for a living room, bedroom, bathroom or even in a kitchen. It is just a great colour to work with when you are trying to style your home.

When you combine concrete with a shiny finish with a white colour you can make a room feel brighter and cleaner. See more examples of polished concrete floor finishes in our gallery here.

Could the concrete slab have been extended outside?

Honed finish outdoor polished concrete outdoor living area

For the design of this home extension the concrete slab finishes at the perimeter of the structure. So it means the owners will need to build either a timber deck or stepped paving to lead out to the back yard area. The use of timber can soften the look of the home and join indoors and outdoors quite nicely, a very common design choice for many people renovating in Melbourne.

Although it would have also been possible to create an outdoor area using the concrete slab, this could have been extended past the doorway out into the back yard and then stepped down to the ground level.

The exposed area could have turned into an alfreso area with a honed or pavilion finish on the concrete slab. Polished concrete for outdoor living areas is becoming very popular in Victoria, it is perfect for outdoor areas, even pool surrounds.

Taking this approach could have created a seamless transition from indoors to outside while also providing a solid floor that would handle the harsh outdoor elements quite easily.

How can you get white polished concrete for a new slab in Melbourne?

Contractor pouring new concrete slab in Melbourne

If you want white polished concrete then you have to work very closely with your builder or concrete contractor to make sure you get the right mix poured for your slab. An aspect that many people aren’t aware of is that a concrete polisher can provide advice and guidance relating to how you should pour your concrete slab to get a desired finish when it gets polished.

Mark has over 20 years experience working in the concrete industry and can help guide you on the type of concrete mix needed to have the right elements added to create a style or colour that you want for your polished concrete floor.

You can see in this example there was a slight variation to the way the concrete slab was poured which necessitated a change to the polishing choices, this was easily managed but could have been planned better if there was closer co-ordination between the slab pour & concrete polishing contractor.

This another reason why it makes sense to use someone that is experienced at polishing concrete in Victoria. Just contact us to get a free quote for your renovation project.

Mark Haynes
Mark Haynes

Mark Haynes is a polished concrete floors contractor in Victoria that has spent most of his life polishing floors to create beautifully polished surfaces. Old school values, honest work ethic and an independent operator based in regional Victoria with amazing reviews.

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Polished concrete floors look amazing in residential homes whether that is a brand new build or an existing home getting renovated.

Commercial polished concrete flooring is most commonly seen in offices, retail shops or public places like a museum because of its durable properties.

Industrial polished concrete is used in warehouses, factories or storage facilities to handle the heavy duty use of these types of locations.

Haynes operates from its factory in Greendale in regional Victoria and regularly does concrete polishing for building sites in Ballarat, Creswick, Woodend, Kyneton, Gisborne, Sunbury, Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Melton. Haynes can give you information about the latest polished concrete floor costs, what is mechanically polished concrete compared to just getting sealing done and the steps needed to polish your concrete slab.

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