Polished concrete floors for outdoors

It’s possible to have polished concrete floors for outdoor areas, alfresco dining spaces or pool surrounds. Polished concrete outside is;

  • Safe & comfy to walk on
  • Low maintenance
  • Eliminates grout cleaning
  • Is stain resistant
  • Modern and sleep in appearance
  • Ideal for all interior designs
  • For home or business
  • Easily used all year round 

Can you have polished concrete outside?

Forget about timber decking that needs painting & will rot or uneven pavers. Outdoor polished finishes come in a variety of styles, perfect for concrete as the best surface choice for outside living areas.  

Safe, tough, stylish and durable.

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I speak to a lot of business and home owners who are either renovating or building new outdoor living spaces and they don't think you can have polished concrete outside - absolutely not true.

We can treat polished concrete that is outdoors with special finishes that make sure there is plenty of grip, they look great & hold up to the sun, wind and rain.

Polishing the existing concrete slab around the outside of your house, surrounding your pool or for alfresco area makes so much sense compared to putting other materials down. Concrete is tougher, more durable and just looks better.

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Honed finish outdoor polished concrete outdoor living area

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…“my wife and I were looking for a concrete polisher in Melbourne. We met with four contractors before we met Mark.

Mark’s ability to explain the different options clearly and pricing was amazingly helpful.

His knowledge and expertise with concrete made our decision a no brainer…”

Polished concrete for outdoor areas

Imagine a beautifully seamless transition from your indoor living areas to an outdoor patio or alfresco area.

A polished concrete floor finish brings the outside & inside ‘together’ using bi-fold or sliding doors to create a single open area with the same flooring finish. Concrete can be a more cost effective (and visually better) choice compared to laying tiles that lead to a timber deck which requires regular maintenance. Polished concrete is perfectly good for outdoor use in Melbourne. 

It is the single biggest building and renovating trend in Victoria in recent times with home owners combining the outdoor areas of their back yard with the existing internal living spaces with honed concrete or a pavilion finish the most popular choice. 

If you are building a new home in Melbourne, most likely it will be constructed on a concrete slab which means you can easily create a space at the rear of your home that leads from the kitchen or dining area into an outdoor area with an exterior non-slip polished concrete flooring which will be durable and look amazing. 

A single flooring surface can make interior design choices so much simpler and even include embedded bi-fold door tracks so there is a completely flat surface to walk on.

Polished concrete for outdoor areas for a business

The practical outdoor flooring surface for any business in Melbourne that serves food or sells products. 

Existing homes, cafes, restaurants or even workshops in Melbourne can have their outdoor areas with concrete flooring completely polished to give the site a fresh, modern, contemporary look. 

We can do prep grinds in Melbourne that include adhesive removal and the correct surface preparation so that your flooring is ready for sealing or polishing. 

For business owners, getting outdoor concrete polishing in Melbourne is a cost effective way of reducing your ownership & maintenance costs in the long term. This is because this type of flooring is hard wearing, requires little maintenance & is suitable for multiple purposes if the space is being rented whether that is a cafe, clothing store, furniture shop or even a bar.

Is polished concrete cheaper than paving or decking

We specialise in polishing concrete floor areas in Melbourne that are between 50m2 and 1000m2 in size.

We service homes, retail stores, showrooms, industrial or commercial areas. The cost to get concrete polished in Victoria is very affordable compared to using other materials. For example concrete grinding and seal will be between $50 and $75 per meter while concrete polishing is $80 to $110 per meter.

If you are considering laying tiles, outdoor pavers or timber decking in Melbourne you have to compare five individual cost elements;

  1. How much does it cost to purchase the raw materials?
  2. What is the freight cost to have the materials delivered to your location?
  3. What is the cost to prepare the surface area to be used?
  4. How much does it cost to have the materials layed?
  5. Do you have to then treat the materials once they are installed & how often does this need to be done again?

What you will very quickly discover is that polished concrete is a more cost effective choice, if not cheaper than getting timber decking, outdoor paving, floorboards or tiling. The cost calculation gets even more complicated when you consider that some of these materials need to be treated regularly to maintain their finish.

For example buying basic outdoor pavers might cost around;

  • $50-$55 per square metre for basic concrete pavers (or up to $100 for other stone types)
  • $10-$15 per square metre for paver sealing
  • $20-$50 per square metre to get them laid
  • $200 to $500 in local delivery fees

assuming the area is relatively flat the cost will sit between $80 and $115 per square metre to produce a similar outcome, but you have the added issues of gaps between the pavers with lots of lines, the chance for individual pavers to move & the colours may change over time as well.


Polished concrete for pool surrounds

Ever dreamt of feeling like you are living in a five star tropical resort?

There are so many people in Melbourne who have an in-ground swimming pool or plunge pool. Typically when this type of pool gets installed it will have either timber decking or pavers laid around the edges for people to walk on. Over time these can age and begin cracking, moving or lifting to present a trip hazard. 

The alternative flooring surface for pool surrounds is polished concrete with a choice of honed or pavilion finishes that last a long time, are slip and UV resistant while requiring less maintenance than other materials. If you are building a new pool we can work closely with your pool contractor to include a polished concrete pool surround as part of your build.

We can provide a concrete polishing service for existing pool areas as well. It is estimated there is around 2,810,775 dwellings in Melbourne with more than 100,000 private spas and pools registered across Victoria which is around 45% of the estimated 220,000 that have been installed over the years   Haynes can help you renovate your pool surrounds to create a very contemporary look that will feel like a hotel or exotic resort. 

Using polished concrete for an alfresco area in Melbourne is a popular renovating choice considering the durability, style and low maintenance it offers vs timber decking. Plus it is so easy to use this type of space in winter with ceiling heaters. 

Outdoor polished concrete for the area surrounding a pool or bbq area has become a modern way for Victorian home owners to add finesse to an existing entertaining space. Pristine, smooth and available in a range of colours and finishes it is the ideal flooring material for creating a contemporary pool area that can integrate seamlessly with your alfresco area or flows directly into your home’s interior whether it is level or at different heights to the existing slab.


Outdoor living areas with polished concrete

Blend outdoor landscaping with a polished concrete outdoor living area

Even with the cooler temperatures, people living in Melbourne love entertaining in an outdoor living area. It doesn’t matter if you own an existing home are building a new one we can create an outdoor living area that has polished concrete so you can mix the luxurious look of polished concrete with the softness of your backyard landscaping.

Using polished concrete as your outdoor flooring surface makes so much sense compared to timber decking of paving because it is so much more weather-resistant and less prone to moving or warping. 

Depending on whether the concrete slab is new or existing the surface area can feature a subtle mottled pattern or a sleek no exposed aggregate depending on your preferences. 

Natural variations in colour, shade and tone of the aggregate you have can make outdoor polished concrete an integral part to your interior / exterior design choices to achieve any style you like; modern, farmhouse, rustic or even an industrial look.

Concrete finishes for outdoor areas

Choose a finish that suits your style and tastes to create the expansive garden oasis you’ve always dreamed of

There are two main choices for concrete finishes that are applied to outdoor areas and they are Honed or Pavilion. These finishes are the perfect choice, especially for pool surrounds, because they are durable, easy to clean, there are no grout lines that can catch debris, they are non-slip which maximises safety and mould resistance even if there is standing water.

Either process can be carried out on new or old concrete slabs as long as the surface meets certain requirements, we can provide a consultation over the phone, a site inspection & a written quotation so that you can work out what is the suitable concrete finish for your outdoor area requirement.

Haynes Polished Concrete floor sample in Melbourne honed for outdoor areas

Honed concrete finish

Imagine having a beautiful concrete floor that flows seamlessly from your interior living area and outside to your entertainment area. We get a lot of questions like What is honed concrete

Honed Concrete undergoes the same process as polished concrete which is grinding down the concrete surface, but, honed concrete has a topical sealant applied to its surface rather than undergoing the chemical hardening / densifying process that creates a polished concrete finish.

We will cut back the surface of the concrete to the desired level and refine it using progressively finer grades of abrasive. The surface is not as refined to the level of polished floors because it has to maintain the required slip rating needed for external decorative finishes. 

We will typically finish honed concrete to 60-120 grit to help achieve a slip rating of R11 or higher. A penetrative sealer is then applied that is extremely UV stable, easily maintained and enables an excellent slip rating to be maintained. Water or solvent-based you can choose between the natural look or use impregnated sealers that intensify the colours in the concrete.

Haynes Polished Concrete floor sample in Melbourne Pavilion grind for outdoor areas or pool surround

Pavilion concrete finish

The other choice of finish that you can have installed for outdoor areas is what is called a Pavilion Finish. Sometimes this is also called Acid Etching, it’s a process that removes the surface cement to expose the colour and texture below it. 

We will then apply an application of a diluted hydrochloric acid formula that will ‘etch’ your concrete. It is an attractive finish that is similar in appearance to a traditional exposed aggregate driveway but it has the added advantage of being comfortable to walk on (even with bare feet) while still being slip resistant. 

This is a surface finish that doesn’t trap dirt in it so mould is less likely to form and it is chosen when building or renovating outdoor areas, pathways, landing areas, pool surrounds or alfresco spaces. 

Like honed concrete, this is a specialised process requiring an experienced installer that is contracted who will use commercial grade equipment to complete the job. 

Outdoor polished concrete floor finish photo samples

Common questions we get asked

Yes you can have polished concrete that is outside. You would specify a honed or pavilion finish so that it would be suitable to be exposed to the rain or moisture. This will make sure it is durable and safe to walk on, even in thongs or bare feet.

If you already have outdoor paving or decking you will need to organise a local handyman or rubbish disposal service to remove this for you so that you can either

a) get your concrete slab prepared

b) build a new concrete slab outdoors We can do concrete grinding and surface preparation for new or existing sites once the floor is accessible.

In Melbourne the cost per square metre to get outdoor concrete polishing with either a honed or pavilion finish will be between 50 to 75 dollars  inc gst per square metre. This will include your choice of finish that includes grinding, extensive surface preparation with sealant. The cost will vary slightly depending on the final finish chosen, the type of site & if there are any variations required after a job has commenced.

Choosing a flooring finish comes down to personal choice really and if it is an existing concrete slab maybe some styles will suit the type of aggregate mix you have vs others. The costs are fairly similar, it is the final outcome that differs in terms of the visual texture you see.

Polished Concrete Outdoor is a super durable, seamless flooring solution. The flooring system combines the strength and longevity of concrete with the beauty of natural stone. It is ideal for pool surrounds, entertainment areas and outdoor rooms, delivering unsurpassed style and durability in one package.

Haynes specialises in high-quality durable architectural concrete, used in indoor and outdoor spaces. We use our expertise to create incredible floors and surfaces for your greatest visions and most ambitious projects. The durability of polished concrete floors means they are highly cost-effective over their lifetime.

We can apply either a honed or pavilion finish to concrete areas that are outdoors so that they become slip and UV resistant. You have to be careful what your polished concrete contractor in Melbourne suggests you use for outdoor areas as not all finishes will be suitable as they will be too slippery to walk on & dangerous if they get wet. Getting the right amount of texture on the surface will make sure it is comfortable to walk on while being slip resistant so that it is safe for everyone. UV resistant means it won’t fade and lose its look and feel over time as long as the right maintenance is applied over the years. Even with these extra characteristics you can still achieve an aesthetically pleasing effect of polished concrete for a strong visual impact when used for outdoor entertaining areas.

When our company does concrete polishing for surfaces that are outdoors we leave a slight texture to the surface which provides grip underfoot if your feet are bare, you are wearing thongs or shoes. This makes sure the flooring will be safe to use if someone spills water, from water splashes from a pool, morning frost or even during rainy periods. We can provide a free consult to work out how rough or smooth your concrete surface needs to for your situation. 

Outdoor honed concrete and pavilion finished concrete thatis sealed will generally last between 5 to 8 years before being needed to be resealed

Sure you can attempt to do it yourself, we’ve seen lots of people watch YouTube videos and try it on their own, but most of the time they fail or the job isn’t done properly. Just the equipment on its own can make all the difference & that’s before you even consider if you have the skills or knowledge to do it properly. Keep in mind any mistakes can be quite costly because you are working on the actual surface, a concrete slab that can’t be replaced in most cases. Once you add up the time, materials, hassle and risk the costs don’t outweigh hiring a professional contractor in Melbourne.

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