Office reception area concrete polishing in mid gloss

WOW your visitors. We completed concrete polishing for this commercial office in Melbourne with a random exposure mid gloss polish to the reception and desk area.
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Haynes Polished Concrete floor sample in Melbourne random exposure mid gloss polish

Renovating a commercial office with polished concrete floors in Melbourne

  • Type of site: Existing office building
  • Size of area: 80 square metres
  • Services: Mechanical concrete polishing on existing floor
  • Floor: Mechanical polished concrete random exposure grind, mid gloss finish
  • Cost: $8,000 – $10,000
  • Time required: Approximately 3 days

Haynes Polished Concrete was contracted by a commercial building management company in Melbourne to help renovate an old building they were managing. The request was to polish the existing concrete flooring near the reception waiting area and the adjoining hot desk working area. 


This commercial office space previously had carpet but the owners were getting tired of the constant cleaning, repairs and maintenance this type of flooring material needed. They began researching alternatives to carpet and at one point they considered tiling the floor, using floating timber floor boards and even replacing the carpet with a heavier duty material.


Although after conducting their research they decided to explore the options available to use the exiting concrete slab and have that mechanically polished. They found this to be the best long term, low maintenance choice. They quickly discovered that a polished concrete floor would cut down cleaning costs, reduce repair bills, be better at retaining heat and be durable for all the foot traffic this building gets. 


They nearly chose to simply seal the existing floor, but once they removed the carpet they could see just how rough it would have looked. They wanted to create a premium, high-end feel to their building so they opted to completely polish the surface with our mechanical polishing option. 


As you can see in the photos the end result feels like a luxury hotel, museum or major attraction rather than a standard commercial office space. This surface is so durable that it can withstand pressure from anything that would need to be used like desks, chairs, cupboards etc. even high heels constantly impacting the surface which can very quickly deteriorate if it was timber, vinyl or carpet. That is why so many offices in Melbourne choose to have polished concrete floors due to the combination of durability and slip resistance . A great choice for flooring that is more cost effective in the long term to maintain for a tenant or landlord. 


If you own an office, are thinking of buying one or even about to build a new one then you want to have a high quality look and feel to be able to compete locally and give customers an amazing visual experience even before they walk through the front door. Beyond the aesthetics, a polished concrete floor will keep visitors or staff safe while also helping to maintain health requirements with ease. Concrete flooring in an office environments enables you to tick so many boxes. You can operate a workspace that not only looks welcoming and modern but stands up well to high foot traffic, is slip-resistant, and is easy to clean or maintain.


What are the benefits of polished concrete floors in an office?

Office commercial concrete polishing in Melbourne random exposure mid gloss polish reception sofa
Office commercial concrete polishing in Melbourne random exposure mid gloss polish near desks
Office commercial concrete polishing in Melbourne random exposure mid gloss polish light reflecting

Easy to clean.
There is so much activity in an office that there is always dust, dirt and debris in the environment. Carpet will ‘soak’ a lot of that up and over time give the space a slight smell or odour if not regularly cleaned. A polished concrete floor is so hard that nothing penetrates the surface, so it can easily be cleaned with warm mater and a mop, simple, quick and efficient.



Hard wearing.
The polishing process develops an extremely hard outer layer that essentially can’t get damaged. It means hundreds of people can walk on it every day. Chairs can be rolled on it, desks placed and the surface will endure. It means long term it will probably outlast the building and never need to be dealt with again. 



Can be done on existing floors.
An existing floor can have the floor materials removed and we can grind the surface to remove glue or any other imperfections to then seal it as the cheapest way to polish your floor. It means a floor that is in any type of condition can be made to look amazing. A deeper grind that goes further into the surface can expose more the aggregate to give you a more textured and interesting look. This can be fully polished with a satin, mid or high-gloss finish for a premium look. 


A lot of business owners are being asked by their customers if they have environmentally sustainable practices. Using concrete for the flooring helps with this because the materials are typically recycled, it is durable, requires little maintenance and even has great thermal properties to help with heating or cooling costs. 


Indoors or outdoors.
Concrete flooring can also be used in outdoor areas, so if the commercial office space has doors that lead out to a balcony or outdoor meeting area they can be polished as well to create a united space. There is a wide range of options with a pavilion finish that is a bit rougher to the touch or honed concrete, for a smooth, refined surface. Both of these options are a step up from standard  exposed aggregate. 

Why do landlords choose polished concrete floors in an office?

Polished concrete floors look good in offices

For the very same reason that home owners, builders or architects love polished concrete, landlords who own offices choose it because it simply looks amazing. There is a wide range of finishing options so that you can have a floor that works well with the interior design, decore and style of your commercial space.


A simple change to lighting, furniture or even the colour of painted walls can give the whole space a completely new look. With a range of finish options, you can design the floor to match the style of your shop or office space. The reason it works so well in an offices is because it can give a space a clean, professional and modern look. A slick office with an ultra-shiny polished concrete floor makes a great first impression for visitors. clients and business partners.


The other great benefit is that polished concrete can have a mid or high gloss finish which then becomes a highly reflective surface. This works well for darker spaces that has minimal natural light or a big reliance on artificial lighting. The floor reflects any of this lighting, brightening a space that could otherwise look quite dim and cold.


Polished concrete floors are eco-friendly
There is so much pressure on society to do as much as possible to protect the environment. Working with a concrete floor in a commercial or office area is one of the best eco-friendly choices because;

  • It’s light reflectivity capabilities means you’ll use less electricity with artificial lighting. 
  • Concrete is also a thermal mass material so it can absorb and release heat, making a space more efficient to heat and cool which may reduce electricity bills.
  • It is a sustainable material choice because it often uses the concrete slab that is already available in a building. There is no need to add other materials to it.
  • It doesn’t require harsh chemicals to be cleaned.
  • It doesn’t have to be replaced like other materials such as carpet, timber or tiling.

Polished concrete floors will save you money

For any building owner one of the biggest considerations is how to minimise the cost of ownership over the life of the structure. Using polished concrete floor areas is the best way to save money;

  • To keep polished concrete looking great, all it needs is regular sweeping and mopping. For smaller floor areas the tenants can do this themselves. For larger offices, you’ll save money on maintenance and cleaning because any contractors will spend less time on site to complete the task.
  • Unlike carpets, you won’t need regular steam cleaning or compared to tiles, concrete can take the strain of constant foot traffic, swivel chairs or desks and partitions being used.
  • The thermal and light reflection properties will deliver savings in electricity, heating and cooling. 
  • A polished concrete floors is quicker to install than other flooring options, meaning you won’t need to shut the doors to a business for too long.

Polished concrete floors are functional and safe

Whether you own a commercial property that is an office, off site kitchen, a shop or a factory, the safety and wellbeing of people using the space is paramount. While polished concrete flooring has some amazing aesthetic qualities it is also very functional and safe for tenants to use;

  • A well-designed commercial office space can boost morale and productivity. People are more likely to enjoy work if they like the environment that surrounds them.
  • Same goes for a space that’s light and bright. Nobody feels good about working in a dark and gloomy office. The reflective properties of polished concrete can create a nice atmosphere with plenty of lighting.
  • Polished concrete also doesn’t attract dust and is hypoallergenic, making for a safer and more comfortable space for workers who may have an allergy or hay fever.
  • For commercial factories, warehouses and fast-paced offices, concrete can be made even safer if they get a honed or pavilion treatment to reduce the chances of a person slipping.

How much does concrete polishing cost for a commercial office in Melbourne?

The costs to get concrete polishing for an commercial office space in Melbourne will vary depending what you choose;


a) A concrete grinding and seal will be cost between $50 and $75 per metre


b) Mechanical concrete polishing is $80 to $110 per metre 


depending on the condition if the existing floor there may need to be some repairs done to patch cracks, holes or other imperfections.

What is the process to getting concrete floors polished in an office?

The process to have floors polished is relatively straight forward and can be done in nearly any type of office space in Melbourne within a few days;


Site inspection.
Mark will provide a free phone consultation to understand the needs of your project. He will then organise to conduct a site inspection to truly understand what needs to be done and the methods he may have to use. 


Mark will provide a written quotation that covers the required scope of works for the project.



Floor preparation.
Once the quote is approved and a date chosen the first step will be to prepare the floor. This will typically require floor grinding to ensure the surface is ready to be polished.



Floor polishing.
Once the floor is completely smooth, the polishing process begins. How long this takes will depend on the area being covered and the type of polishing chosen. It may require multiple passes as well as hand polishing to finish the area completely.


The equipment Mark uses has dust extraction capabilities to minimise any dirt or debris spreading through the space. 



If you want to find out how much it costs to get your flooring polished just contact us & Mark will provide a free phone or email consultation and written quotation.

Mark Haynes
Mark Haynes

Mark Haynes is a polished concrete floors contractor in Victoria that has spent most of his life polishing floors to create beautifully polished surfaces. Old school values, honest work ethic and an independent operator based in regional Victoria with amazing reviews.

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Polished concrete floors look amazing in residential homes whether that is a brand new build or an existing home getting renovated.

Commercial polished concrete flooring is most commonly seen in offices, retail shops or public places like a museum because of its durable properties.

Industrial polished concrete is used in warehouses, factories or storage facilities to handle the heavy duty use of these types of locations.

Haynes operates from its factory in Greendale in regional Victoria and regularly does concrete polishing for building sites in Ballarat, Creswick, Woodend, Kyneton, Gisborne, Sunbury, Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Melton. Haynes can give you information about the latest polished concrete floor costs, what is mechanically polished concrete compared to just getting sealing done and the steps needed to polish your concrete slab.

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