Mechanical concrete polisher for a new home build in Melbourne

A brand new home was being built in Heathcote and we polished all the concrete floors throughout the house. Full exposure, high gloss on 32 mpa concrete mix.
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Full exposure grind high gloss mechanical polished concrete close up sample finish

Concrete polishing for a home being constructed in Melbourne

  • Type of site: Brand new home build
  • Size of area: 150 square meters
  • Services: Concrete grinding, mechanical concrete polish in high gloss
  • Cost $16,000 – $18,000
  • Time required: Approximately 10 days
Concrete polisher Melbourne for new home build living and dining

Mark did an unbelievable job on my floor for my new home!

Marks knowledge and work ethic is amazing. Mark went above and beyond to get fantastic results for the polished floor
I would highly recommend Mark from Haynes Polished Concrete to anyone
Great work mate

Jesse Thelen - Heathcote, Victoria

Haynes Polished Concrete is a concrete polishing company in Melbourne that can  provide a quote over the phone to help you calculate the costs of getting the concrete floors in a brand new home being built. We can grind a new concrete slab after it has been poured when you are building a new home. We have concrete floor polishing equipment that is suitable for floor areas between 50 metre squared and 5,000 metre squared in size for any type of new or existing residential homes in Melbourne.


This new home was getting built in Heathcote just north of Melbourne and they used a standard 32 mpa concrete mix for their slab. The floor had become extremely hard as it had been sitting for nearly 10 months after it had been poured. Normally would get the concrete floors polished when a slab is newly poured before it fully hardens. So for this new home being constructed it meant all the internal edges had to be ground which added a fair amount of labour time to complete the job. 


The owner had decided to get a full exposure grind with a high gloss finish. If you are considering this type of concrete polishing when you are building a new home you can save money by getting it done before the timber framing goes up so that you can contain your building or renovating costs. 


The floor area that we polished included all the living and dining areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry – basically the whole home was going to have polished concrete floors and it took about ten days to complete the whole job.



How much does it cost to get new concrete slab polished in Melbourne?

If you want a new concrete slab polished in Melbourne this is very easy to achieve. You would engage a concrete polishing company during the planning stages of your build. We can co-ordinate with your builder to be on site after the new slab is poured and before they begin erecting any of the timber framework. 



This saves time and money because we get access to the whole surface area before anything is built on the slab. It means we don’t have to grind, cut or polish around any edges, corners or obstructions. The cost to get a new concrete slab polished in Melbourne will still be around $110 per square metre, but this will depend on the age of the slab, the level of exposure you are after and what type of finish you want on the floor.


We provide free quotations to get new concrete slabs polished.

Can you have polished concrete floors near sliding doors that lead outdoors?

Concrete polisher Melbourne for new home build near sliding doors

If you are building a new home and want polished concrete floors it is possible to get these done in all areas of the home. This includes floors that are adjacent to sliding doors that lead to outdoor areas. If your concrete slab extends from the living area to the outdoor area, the whole surface can be polished. In fact the outdoor area can have a honed or pavilion finish so that it is safe to walk on.


A concrete polished floor that is next to sliding doors can handle rain, sun, wind or other weather conditions very easily. The surface is so hard, so tough that it will last a long time without fading or deteriorating. It is a better choice compared to timber floor boards, carpet or lino as it will last longer and still look good even after many years of use and exposure to the elements.

Mark Haynes
Mark Haynes

Mark Haynes is a polished concrete floors contractor in Victoria that has spent most of his life polishing floors to create beautifully polished surfaces. Old school values, honest work ethic and an independent operator based in regional Victoria with amazing reviews.

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Can you polish old concrete
tips and advice
Can you polish old concrete?

It is very possible to polish old concrete floors. We are a company in Melbourne, Victoria that can do it for you, incl the preparation, see how


Polished concrete floors look amazing in residential homes whether that is a brand new build or an existing home getting renovated.

Commercial polished concrete flooring is most commonly seen in offices, retail shops or public places like a museum because of its durable properties.

Industrial polished concrete is used in warehouses, factories or storage facilities to handle the heavy duty use of these types of locations.

Haynes operates from its factory in Greendale in regional Victoria and regularly does concrete polishing for building sites in Ballarat, Creswick, Woodend, Kyneton, Gisborne, Sunbury, Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Melton. Haynes can give you information about the latest polished concrete floor costs, what is mechanically polished concrete compared to just getting sealing done and the steps needed to polish your concrete slab.

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