Floor preparation contractor

We are a floor preparation contractor in Victoria that can get any surface ready to be used. We do floor preparation by grinding concrete floors to remove glue, adhesive, cracks, bumps and anything else so the floor is ready to be used.

  • Remove adhesives or glue
  • Create a level floor
  • Deeply clean the floor area
  • Grinding is better than compounds
  • Stronger than pressure washes
  • Maintains concrete strength
  • Can be completed in a day

Why prepare your floor using concrete grinding?

Preparing the floor properly that you are about to work on, or different surfaces, is critical to achieve a high quality finish. 

Our floor preparation service can remove remove all the imperfections and inconsistencies in the concrete surface before you lay tiles, seal or mechanically polish the concrete.

Concrete grinding removes more than a high pressure wash or using compounds poured on the surface.

Mark's is an professional floor preparation contractor in Victoria

It is a bit like that saying 'measure twice, cut once.'

When it comes to building or renovating floor preparation is critical to a long term, durable result.

Your concrete floor must be prepared correctly before you seal it, do mechanical polishing, lay tiles or even put carpet down. The entire floor area has to be prepared so that any material that is used on it will sit perfectly and be completely flat to last a long time.

If you don't grind your concrete first and you choose to just wash it with a hose or use compounds it is only doing one quarter of the job.

Mark Haynes
Concrete grinding floor preparation in Melbourne

"his floor preparation went above and beyond"

…Mark polished the concrete of my three-bedroom unit, and it looks amazing. He is a delight to deal with – friendly, well-mannered and most professional. 

What Mark says he will do, he will do and more when doing floor preparation in Victoria…

Why do you need concrete grinding floor preparation?

When you are building or renovating you will very quickly learn that preparing the floor area you are about to work on must be done properly to achieve a high quality finish. This is especially true for new or old concrete floors. 

We provide concrete grinding floor preparation in Victoria that will remove all the imperfections and inconsistencies in the concrete surface. You need to have a smooth, usable surface to work with & while it may look flat to your eye, if you get down close you will see all kinds of imperfections.

This is especially true for old concrete floors in Victoria that have aged over time, may have had other flooring materials on them or suffered from foundation movements. 

An old or damaged concrete floor can be prepared & then restored to its former glory to then be re-used for years and years to come with grinding, polishing or sealing as well as choosing to have new carpet, floorboards or tiling installed on it.

Is concrete levelling compound better than grinding to prepare a floor?

Some people in Victoria will try and use a levelling compound to try and repair the uneven areas on a concrete slab during the floor preparation process, although this is a bit like using putty on a wall or bog on an old car with a dent. 

Using a concrete grinding service in Victoria will ensure your slab is smooth, flat and ready to be used without worrying about patches in areas of the surface that is filled with compound.

A clean concrete surface with no other chemicals can be easier to work with and ensure sealants or polishing can adhere to it cleanly vs a floor that has compound or other chemicals on it.

Can grinding make concrete weaker when it is being prepared?

A lot of property owners in Victoria ask us whether concrete grinding can damage the existing slab or make it weaker. The simple answer is no. 

Grinding doesn’t weaken a slab or the durability of the concrete, instead it is shaving a thin layer to simply make it smoother, level and ready to work on. This is the most efficient way to prepare a new floor for new materials to be layed or to have it sealed or polished. 

The principle is very similar to sanding your walls before painting or making sure timber is free from imperfections before staining.


Can concrete grinding remove carpet or lino

If you are preparing to get your concrete floors polished or you want to get a different type of flooring material installed in your home you will need to remove what is there already as the first step. You can do this yourself or get a demolition contractor to do it for you.

Depending on what you have e.g tiling, carpet, floor boards or lino there might be adhesive, glue, grout or other chemicals sitting on the flooring that remain after everything has been removed. We are a floor preparation contractor that can then grind this away very quickly.

A concrete grinder can remove adhesive or epoxy for floor preparation

A concrete floor grinder can remove  things including old grout so that you have a smooth, clean and level surface to work with and ensure your floor is correctly prepared to be used again.

One of the most common services we get asked to quote on is removing adhesive or epoxy coverings from concrete floors. Getting it ground and sanded back to reveal the concrete is the only way you can achieve this. 

Is concrete grinding or a high pressure wash better for floor preparation?

Sometimes we get asked what is the difference between grinding the concrete or using a high pressure wash or water jet blast to prepare a floor to build or renovate on. They achieve a similar outcome meaning they will attempt to remove materials that are on the surface of the concrete, but the extent they can achieve this will vary. 

Grinding can literally penetrate deeper into the floor vs using high pressure water, so by its very nature it is a better choice when it comes to preparing any type of floor surface in a home, retail store, cafe or commercial property.

If you have simple stains like tyre marks, chewing gum or light grease then a hot or cold high pressure wash using a contractor with industrial equipment may be more suitable, but this won’t get rid of cracks and other imperfections to make it completely flat.

How much does concrete grinding floor preparation cost in Victoria?

The cost to get concrete grounding floor preparation contractor in Victoria will vary depending on how much work is involved, the existing floor surface condition and the size of the floor area.

Pricing starts from around $50 per square metre inc gst and Mark can provide a free, no obligation, quotation over the phone, via sms or email.

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