As with all polished concrete floors, the final appearance of the floor is 80% influenced by the placement, finishing and curing practices applied by the concreter.  

It is essential that only professional, experienced concrete companies are engaged to help complete the floor you are after.  These floors must be placed methodically, screeded flat and finished flat to a high level that only experienced concreting crews can achieve.

Haynes Polished Concrete takes no responsibility for any unsightly appearances in the floor such as footprints, screed bar marks, no aggregate in fully exposed slabs (both in the body of the floor and in edges) or any contaminants that may have been blown into the floor whilst pouring the slab.  

As these floors are not manufactured in a closed environment and brought to site to be assembled, careful planning and variables must be taken into consideration such as; 

  • Weather on the day of the pour
  • Traffic conditions while the concrete is in the truck on the way to site
  • Unforeseen breakdowns with concrete pumps/trucks
  • Debris blown into the slab from the wind and other variables that may occur.  

Planning is essential for the floors and as stated above, these are manufactured on site so there can be no guarantee that they will be 100% perfect.

However, this is one of the many beauties of polished concrete as they are completely unique compared to another floor.  

With Haynes Polished Concrete’s experience in the concrete industry, Mark will be able to consult with you and all relevant parties to help advise and create your polished concrete floor.  

Haynes Polished Concrete also provides detailed guidelines for concrete contractors for placement and finishing techniques best suited to achieve your desired outcome.

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