Converting a living room full grind gloss polished concrete floor

This living room was renovated with the old carpet removed and the existing concrete floor polished with a full grind high gloss finish
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Home renovation concrete polishing with full grind gloss polish in Melbourne before and after 4

Can concrete under carpet get polished in old homes?

  • Type of site: Living room
  • Size of area: 60 squarere meters
  • Services: Concrete grinding, mechanical concrete polish in high gloss $6,000-$7,500
  • Time required: Approximately 3 days

A concrete polishing company in Melbourne like Haynes Polished Concrete can provide a quote over the phone to help you calculate the costs of grinding and then polishing your existing concrete floor. We have polishing equipment that is suitable for floor areas between 50 metre squared and 5,000 metre squared for residential homes in Melbourne.

This living room was about 60 square meters squared in size and cost around $7,500 to get done and took about 4 days to complete because we had to wait for the carpet to be fully removed, grind the old concrete slab, repair some of the cracks & then begin polishing the floor area. 

The owner wanted to renovate their home and give it a modern look with a floor that matched the stone walls and timber walling. The house was built on a concrete slab but it had been covered with carpets in most areas of the house. They wanted a natural floor finish that would be durable, retain the heat & deal with the natural light coming in through the large windows around the room.

If your concrete slab is cracked can it sill be polished?

It is possible to make some remedial repairs to an existing concrete slab before it gets a grind, seal or polish. We have the experience to repair cracks that appear due to movement or other things creating imperfections in the existing floor. It is important to remember that any patches will still be seen after it is polished, especially if the cracks are quite deep, although this can add character to the floor. With an aggregate exposure the floor texture will compliment the walls nicely and give the room a natural, organic feeling. A great match for the timber doors and frames as well.

For this living room floor we made the repairs then did a grind on the surface to make it as smooth and flat as possible to get it ready for polishing. The home owner opted for a mechanical concrete polish with a full grind high gloss finish. This exposes the aggregate and the high gloss finish will bounce light around the room as well to make it feel brighter and larger than before.
Mark Haynes
Mark Haynes

Mark Haynes is a professional concrete polisher in Melbourne that has spent most of his life staring at floors to create beautifully polished concrete. Old school values, honest work ethic and an independent operator in Melbourne with amazing reviews.

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