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What is a Concrete Grind and Seal?

A grind and seal concrete floor finish is when the concrete slab is ground to the desired level of exposure, and then a topical coating sealer is applied for the protection and enhancement look and finish of the concrete.

There are many different concrete grinding and sealing systems and finishes for various applications throughout Victoria such as indoors for homes, cafes, restaurants, outdoor areas, and industrial applications.

When choosing concrete grinding and sealing you also have the flexibility to choose from different sealer finishes such as matte or satin gloss depending on your preference. The satin gloss sealer is trending at the moment in Melbourne.

Preparation for Concrete Grinding and Sealing

Most concrete floors require minimal work for a grind and seal. In most cases as long as the concrete is in sound condition, the concrete slab can be ground to your desired level of exposure then grouted to fill in any minor cracks, pinholes and imperfections.

Then the sealer is applied and left to cure for a number of days. An important consideration that we take into account with any coating system is the amount of moisture that is evaporating from the slab. The level of moisture can be a concern for new builds as concrete needs time to hydrate and dry out.

If the sealer is applied to a slab that has too much moisture being omitted problems such as poor adhesion, blushing and delamination may occur due to the high moisture levels. At Haynes Polished Concrete we check all floors with a specialist moisture meter kit prior to concrete grinding and sealing for relative humidity levels to make sure the slab is suitable for a coating application.

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