Professional concrete floor polisher Greendale

We are a concrete floor polisher in Greendale for residential, retail or commercial properties. Polishing a concrete floor indoors or outdoors is a modern interior design choice. The benefits of polishing your concrete floor include;

  • Lower costs vs vs other flooring types
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Suits new or existing concrete slabs
  • Ideal for homes, shops or offices
  • A range of styles & finishes are available

Getting your concrete floors polished in Greendale is simple & easy

We are a concrete floor polishing company in Greendale that is very experienced. A polished concrete floor is the most durable, sustainable and eco-friendly flooring choice for a new or existing property. The total cost of installation and ownership is less than other flooring options.  

Polished concrete floors are safe, eco-friendly, stylish and durable.

Why using a professional concrete polishing contractor in Greendale makes sense

There are lots of low cost gimmicks and DIY products on the market to give you a "polished concrete floor" but just like any alternative or imitation of the real thing it typically is never as good. It might give a similar look, but it isn't the same thing.

The same applies to polished concrete because the process, chemicals and sealants used by a professional that does mechanical concrete polishing is just not the same as buying a bottle of epoxy or another cheap DIY product off the internet.

So many people don't realise the difference between concrete sealing and mechanically polished concrete or why the costs as so different. Just ask yourself, "how can one contractor be so cheap compared to the others".

Getting your concrete polished in Greendale can also be cheaper or better value than timber flooring, carpet or tiles. Too many people don't add up the cost of materials, labour, delivery & annual maintenance.

Don't be fooled.

Mark Haynes
Polished concrete flooring for a brand new commercial kitchen renovation in Melbourne

Photo samples from a concrete floor polisher in Greendale

A concrete slab whether it is new or an existing one can polished and look stunning. Getting your concrete flooring polished in Greendale is a cost effective decision to make if you are building or renovating. It is suitable for residential homes, offices, businesses or even retail stores.

"takes pride in his work"

“…. a professional attitude, extreme attention to detail and exhibits a high level of skill… his availability to guide and help us before and during the concrete grinding and polishing stages in Greendale was a tremendous help… Mark clearly takes pride in his work and strives to produce a high-quality finish…”

Our concrete polishing service area locations

We can visit any location to do concrete polishing in Greendale or surrounding regional areas. The equipment that our company uses for grinding, sealing or polishing concrete floors can be transported in our van which means we can visit nearly any location in the Greendale practically any day of the week.


A concrete floor polisher in Greendale for any type of property

If you are a property owner in Greendale we are able to polish your concrete floor areas that are sized between 50m2 and 1000m2.

Our equipment can be used on ground level locations like residential homes, in a multi-storey building, in a retail shopping area, an industrial building or warehouse complex. 

As long as we are able to get access to the floor area with our equipment through the doors, a goods lift, roller door or access ramps we can prepare, polish and seal your concrete flooring so that it is ready to walk on. 

We make it easy to calculate the concrete polishing costs in Greendale with a no obligation consultation over the phone, a site inspection and written quotation.

Residential property
concrete floor polisher in Greendale

  • Living and dining areas
  • Outdoor entertaining areas
  • Large car garages
  • Pool surrounds
  • Alfresco spaces
  • Outdoor living areas
  • Exposed concrete flooring

Residential polished concrete floors for properties in Greendale has become a very popular interior design renovation trend in recent years. Home owners have become tired of using carpet, cheap laminate floor boards or even floor tiling. Lots of people now choose to get their concrete floors polished instead.

Commercial property
concrete floor polisher in Greendale

  • Office areas
  • Reception entry spaces
  • Bars and clubs
  • Gym locations
  • Medical centres or hospitals
  • Car dealer showrooms

Our company does commercial property concrete floor polishing in Greendale. Polishing floors for commercial properties can be done for office and reception areas. It is the most durable floor surface that you can have in this type of building and will hold up to regular foot traffic and a high volume of pedestrian activity. 

If you are thinking about commercial concrete floor refinishing in your building, our company regularly works in these types of sites around Greendale. We provide very affordable concrete polishing rates with work completed to an extremely high standard.

Retail property polished
concrete flooring in Greendale

  • Retail clothing shops
  • Cafe or restaurants
  • Furniture showrooms
  • Kids play centres

The most visited locations in Greendale and regional Victorian areas are shopping centres and retail stores that receive the highest volumes of foot traffic of any property type. 

When there are that many people walking in and out of a property as well as things like trolleys, temporary point of sale displays, kids rides or even seasonal displays the flooring gets a constant barrage. 

That is why it makes so much sense to get polished concrete floors in a retail site.


Industrial property
concrete floor polishing in Greendale

  • Factory floor area
  • Storage facilities
  • Distribution centres
  • Exhibition buildings
  • Vehicle storage facilities
  • Airplane hangers

For buildings that have a floor areas up to 1000m2 that are typically found in factories, storage facilities, aeroplane hangers or even exhibition buildings we can polish the concrete flooring. It’s a cost effective way to treat the concrete surface so it can be used for storing equipment, vehicles, storage racking or anything else that these larger building spaces would need to be used for.


Modern polished concrete professionals in Greendale

THE hottest renovating trend is
concrete flooring polishing in Greendale

Interior design has embraced the use of hard surfaces like polished concrete because of the wide array of polished concrete finishes available, its durability, cost effectiveness and the flexibility it creates when styling an existing or new building site. 

An existing concrete floor can have grinding performed to make it smooth, level and ready to be polished with minimal or full exposure of the aggregate, when you combine the latest sealants you can present a stunning floor space that will last a lifetime. Polished concrete is a generic term covering a variety of decorative concrete flooring options which leave a concrete surface exposed as the final floor finish.

Polished concrete in Greendale has become a popular choice in Melbourne with homeowners, retail shop managers or even commercial building managers choosing this flooring type instead of carpet, tiling, pavers or lino. It is a sustainable material with minimal use of chemicals that is perfectly suited to indoor or outdoor spaces with its cost effective application avoiding the need to require materials, labour, delivery and regular maintenance. 


Get mechanical concrete floor polishing in Greendale from a specialist

Sealing concrete is not the same
as getting it
mechanically polished in Greendale

The concept of a polished finish dates back some 20 to 30 years and was originally used to describe the process whereby a typical grey or coloured concrete floor was coated with a wax product and then highly polished. 

Mechanically polished concrete finishes are created by using a polishing machine that utilise discs that contain diamonds. Much like heavy-duty sandpaper, the diamond polishing discs grind down the concrete until the desired look is achieved, exposing a small amount of aggregate (rocks in the concrete) or full exposure of the aggregate depending on your preference. 

A chemical hardener is then used to penetrate the concrete, creating a reaction that dust-proofs and hardens the surface of the concrete floor.


Mechanical concrete polishing in Greendale vs a standard grind and seal

People get confused between sealed vs
mechanical polished concrete polishing.

Concrete polishing in Greendale is the mechanical process of polishing the surface of an existing concrete slab using engineered floor grinders fitted with industrial diamonds. During this process, the concrete is ground  honed and polished using progressively finer grits of diamond abrasives until the floor reaches the desired level of shine (either level 1-4; matte to high gloss). 

In terms of durability and benefits, polished concrete has a much longer lifetime expectancy and is much more durable, especially in areas with high traffic.

However with sealed concrete, the gloss is achieved from a topical sealer. The process is simpler and involves less grinding, honing, and polishing steps. We offer our sealed concrete service as an affordable alternative to fully polished concrete.

In more simple terms the visual difference between sealed vs polished concrete is a floor that has just been sealed will still look a bit rough, like a clear coating has been poured on the floor. A fully polished floor will look a bit like a glossy marble finish, beautifully smooth like a work of art.


Concrete polishing for new concrete slab pours in Greendale

Our company can help you get a
concrete slab poured that’s suitable to be polished i
n Greendale.

If you are preparing to build a new structure or working out how to renovate we make it possible to choose a concrete floor surface that is either fully polished, honed or has a pavilion finish to suit your needs. Haynes Polished Concrete is a local contractor in Greendale that provides a mechanical polishing service for floor areas between 50m2 and 1000m2 in homes, retail stores, showrooms, industrial or commercial areas.

We have the necessary equipment to perform surface preparation of a slab with a grind that will ensure it is free of any adhesives or imperfections to make sure it is beautifully smooth and flat to work on. You then have the choice to get it sealed or go the whole way and polish the surface then seal it. 

The typical concrete used for most residential slabs has a compressive strength of 20 MPa, and is designated as Normal-Class N20 concrete. However, for polished work, the use of a higher strength concrete is recommended: N32 for steel trowelled and honed finishes; N40 for burnished finishes. 

The specification of the concrete is only the first step in achieving the desired polished finish and a lot will also depend on the use of good site practices if expectations are to be met. Pouring a new slab gives you more options in relation to the aggregate used, colours and textures. 

A good quality surface finish is particularly important for polished concrete finishes. A generally highly polished and therefore reflective surface will highlight any trowelling marks and undulations. The main tolerance criterion that may affect polished finishes is the flatness of the surface so it’s important to make sure your concreter does a great job first time around. We can provide advice on how this needs to be done.


Concrete polishing for existing concrete floors in Greendale

Existing concrete floors can be stripped
and prepared for either sealing or polishing.

Many existing concrete floors can be polished to produce a low-maintenance durable floor surface. Our company’s approach is to lightly grind the surface to remove stains and minor defects, any remnants of adhesive, trowelling marks and to provide a more uniform surface to work with. This generally improves the appearance to deliver satisfactory results.

Since these slabs have not been designed to receive a polished finish and the surface may have been repaired or had sections replaced to run new electrical or plumbing services, a variable finish can be expected and in some cases (especially for industrial interior designs) even preferred. 

Cracks and poor joint details may also need attention. If cracks are exposed, these can either be filled or repaired to reduce their impact, or left as features in the floor. Depending on the application, they can often add character to the finish.

Polished concrete flooring finishes for old or new floors in Greendale

Many people we speak to think the only 
choice of surface finish colour light grey. 

Our company offers a choice of finishes that can help create a modern interior design style with a very smooth surface or you can choose to have a more organic, rough, look which exposes more of the aggregate. 

Your choices will also depend on what mix was used to pour the original slab, so existing locations may be a little more limited compared to a brand new build where colours or even underfloor heating can be considered. 

We can also make sure you get the right finish for the right location, we consider whether the surface will be indoors or outdoors to make sure you have the right texture to suit a wet area around a pool or outdoor living area.

How much do polished concrete floors cost in Greendale?

The cost of polished concrete floors in Greendale 
is very affordable compared to using other materials. 

Concrete polishing service costs are quite varied. For example, a concrete grind and seal will be cost between $50 and $75 per metre while mechanical polished concrete costs $80 to $110 per square metre. 

If you are considering laying tiles, outdoor pavers or timber decking in Greendale you have to compare five individual cost elements;

  1. How much does it cost to purchase the raw materials?
  2. What is the freight cost to have the materials delivered to your location?
  3. What is the cost to prepare the surface area to be used?
  4. How much does it cost to have the materials layed?
  5. Do you have to then treat the materials once they are installed & how often does this need to be done again?

What you will very quickly discover is that using a polished concrete professional is a more cost effective choice. It can be cheaper than getting timber decking, outdoor paving, floorboards or tiling. The cost calculation gets even more complicated when you consider that some of these materials need to be treated regularly to maintain their finish.


For example buying basic outdoor pavers might cost around;

  • $50-$55 per square metre for basic concrete pavers (or up to $100 for other stone types)
  • $10-$15 per square metre for paver sealing
  • $20-$50 per square metre to get them laid
  • $200 to $500 in local delivery fees

Assuming the area is relatively flat the cost will sit between $80 and $115 per square metre to produce a similar outcome, but you have the added issues of gaps between the pavers with lots of lines, the chance for individual pavers to move & the colours may change over time as well.

A polished concrete specialist can help you work out the difference between burnished, epoxy, sealed or mechanically polished floor finishes.


Common questions we get asked about concrete polishing in Greendale

There are so many reasons this flooring type is the perfect choice for those who are renovating, building or refurbishing a floor area;

  • Durable – Polished concrete is extremely durable and can last for many years with little maintenance. This makes it a good choice for high traffic areas and can withstand lots of wear and tear. It is the most durable flooring option available on the market today for residential, commercial and industrial floor spaces. Polished concrete floors can last up to ten years with a basic, regular maintenance schedule. 


  • Low Maintenance – Once polished, concrete requires very little maintenance which is perfect for residential, retail, commercial or industrial use. It is so easy to clean and maintain as it doesn’t require any special products or treatments. Simply sweep or mop with water on a regular basis and any spills will be easy to wipe up. 


  • Value for money – Unlike timber hardwood floors, laminates, tiles and vinyl flooring; polished concrete is just as cost effective on a price per square metre basis when you take into consideration the ongoing costs involved in maintaining the other materials types as well as adding up the cost to buy them, lay them and seal them.


  • Aesthetics – Polished concrete can be made to look extremely sophisticated. It can also be stained or etched to create a unique look that will complement any interior styling.


  • Safety – Polished concrete is non-slip and easy to clean, making it a safe choice for businesses or families to use in any property type.


  • Cost – Polished concrete will usually have a higher upfront cost than other flooring options, but it can actually save money in the long run because it does not need to be replaced as often as other types of flooring.


  • Eco-friendly – The floors are non-toxic and eco-friendly making them ideal for families with children or pets. Having polished floors can save on your energy bills by creating more light in your home by up to 30% in daylight hours. They also stay warmer in the colder months and cooler in the summer months due to the concrete’s thermal mass; which works as a natural insulator. New builds can also have hydronic heating installed in the concrete floor if the client has opted for this kind of heating option.


  • Healthy – this type of flooring is hypoallergenic which means it doesn’t harbour dust or other allergens. Polished concrete floors emit no mould or mildew and are allergy free and harbour no dust mites. 


  • Sound – The floors are noise absorbent which makes them ideal for areas where you want to keep the noise levels down, such as bedrooms or studies.

The polished concrete floor process is really simple. There are 3 common scenarios that we work with;

  1. New construction – if you are planning on building a new structure we can provide advice for what is required during your concrete pouring phase to have the ideal slab that is ready to be sealed or polished.

  2. Existing concrete floor – Mark can provide advice and suggestions for the available options for your existing concrete floor area based on your usage scenario, the type of concrete it is and the condition of the floor.

  3. Existing polished concrete floor that needs repairs – Mark can inspect your site to determine what preparation work will need to be done to repair the existing concrete floor. In most cases it involves removing the existing sealant with a concrete grind and then completing a new polishing service to repair the floor.


Where do you begin?

  1. Decide what type of floor you would like e.g sealed or polished
  2. Decide what type of finish you would like (see some examples in our gallery here)
  3. Contact local concrete polishing contractors to arrange a site inspection and written quotation
  4. Select your preferred contractor
  5. Prepare the room by removing everything that is in it so it is ready to be worked on
  6. The concrete polisher will mask up the walls, doors and other areas to protect them from damage
  7. The floor will be prepared with a concrete grind
  8. The floor will be sealed or polished depending on what level of service was chosen


The whole process can normally be completed within a few days. You don’t have to wait for materials to arrive, for installers to be available etc. Mark will come to your location with the equipment required to polish your floors. This is what makes the process so simple compared to other flooring options that may take weeks to have completed.

There are more polished concrete floor pros than cons. Getting your concrete floors polished is one of the smartest decisions you can make if you are building or renovating. Concrete is a material that is sustainable, eco-friendly, durable, tough and means you don’t have to use other materials on top of your existing floor surface. 

That means there are less chemicals, less layers and other complications to deal with compared to using carpet, tiles, timber etc. This type of flooring doesn’t collect dust, doesn’t have any grout or join lines to worry about.

Polished concrete floor textures will vary greatly because it depends what you ask a concrete polishing company to do. If you simply seal your concrete then the texture will literally be whatever you see on the floor. Sealing just puts a top coat over it to protect the surface.

If you get mechanically polished concrete then the textures can vary greatly depending on how heavy the grind is. The heavier the floor is polished the more aggregate is exposed and therefore more texture.

The other variable that has to be considered is the type of concrete that was poured when the slab was formed. The amount and type of aggregate can vary so to the colour of the concrete. So together with the depth of the grind, the texture can vary between properties. While most homes or businesses will have a standard ‘grey’ concrete, some may have slight colour variations.

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