Commercial polished concrete in a Melbourne showroom

The owner of this commercial property in Melbourne wanted to help their tenants create a very premium look with polished concrete flooring
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Polished concrete floors for commercial showrooms in Melbourne

  • Type of site: Commercial showroom

  • Size of area: 400 square metres

  • Services: Concrete grinding and commercial mechanical concrete polishing

  • Floor: Light random grind with a mid gloss polish

  • Cost: $30,000 to $35,000

  • Time required: Approximately 8 days



Haynes Polished Concrete is a company that can do commercial polished concrete polishing in Melbourne. The owner of this building worked closely with their tenant to approve the old flooring to be removed and new mechanical concrete polished floors to be installed. The tenant wanted to renovate their showroom to give it a new, premium, look and feel with the goal of attracting more customers.

The old floors in this commercial building were quite worn and tired so the landlord and tenant agreed that getting commercial concrete polishing would make the most sense long term because of the hard wearing durability of the surface treatment. It is the best refinishing choice you can make for a commercial property that has to handle hundreds or thousands of people walking on it everyday.

The concrete slab was in good condition so the light random grind was an ideal choice to expose a little bit of the aggregate and the mid gloss polish works really well with the new ceiling lights and floor to roof height windows. Even though the ceiling was painted black the flooring reflects both the artificial and natural light to give the commercial showroom in Melbourne a really nice ambiance. 

Depending on the age of the concrete slab, the aggregate mix and how heavy we grind the floor we can create different colour variations when finishing a floor in a commercial property. This can make it look quite attractive, especially for retail or office use. Take a look at some of the colour variations that can be created in our gallery.

The budget required for this concrete grinding and mechanical polished concrete service was around $30,000 ex gst which may sound expensive, but there were no other costs involved ie no delivery fees, no extra materials to purchase or labour charges to have flooring installed & there won’t be any ongoing maintenance either. 

Getting commercial polished concrete floors is more cost effective than buying floor tiles, carpet or floorboards because;

  1. You don’t have a separate material cost to consider.
  2. You don’t need to buy floor underlay products.
  3. You avoid the cost of paying labour rates to lay or install those types of products.
  4. You save money on sealing those other materials to ensure they last a long time.
  5. There isn’t the same annual maintenance costs to consider.
What you will eventually figure out is the total cost of ownership of a commercial property with polished concrete floors will be cheaper to own and manage vs one with carpet for example.

Is getting polished concrete in a commercial showroom in Melbourne a good idea?

Let the photos answer the question about whether polished concrete floors in commercial buildings are a good idea or not. Instead of a typical showroom with floor tiles or carpet you can create a high end museum feeling. This is sure to improve shopper retention and give any business trading out of the showroom an instant lift in sales. The ambiance just screams high quality, ready to do business & a commercial business that wants to invest in how it presents itself to new clients.

Every corner of the showroom has wonderful lighting that directs visitors to the different displays and even with the black roof you don’t feel like you are in a dungeon, instead, each product on display feels like a hero and directs people’s attention instantly. 

So the visual benefits are immediate & these are complimented with the hard wearing surface that polished concrete provides, the perfect floor finish to use in commercial buildings in Melbourne. As a landlord, building owner or tenant, you never have to think about spending money trying to maintain the floors – you have the toughest option available that is low maintenance. 

While the upfront cost may feel expensive, the total ownership cost for the length of a tenancy or ownership of a building will be recouped pretty quickly.

Photos samples of commercial polished concrete in a showroom with dark ceiling.

Can a concrete polisher advise what is the best choice for commercial floor polishing in Melbourne?

Concrete floor polishing company Melbourne Victoria

Mark has over 20 years experience working in the concrete industry and can help guide you on the type of concrete mix needed to have the right elements added to create a style or colour that you want for your polished concrete floor in a commercial building.

You might have an existing slab already in place, Mark can give you tips on what can be done to it and how it can be polished to look incredible. 

This another reason why it makes sense to use an experienced concrete polisher in Melbourne. Just contact us to get a free quote for your renovation project.

Mark Haynes
Mark Haynes

Mark Haynes is a polished concrete floors contractor in Victoria that has spent most of his life polishing floors to create beautifully polished surfaces. Old school values, honest work ethic and an independent operator based in regional Victoria with amazing reviews.

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Polished concrete floors look amazing in residential homes whether that is a brand new build or an existing home getting renovated.

Commercial polished concrete flooring is most commonly seen in offices, retail shops or public places like a museum because of its durable properties.

Industrial polished concrete is used in warehouses, factories or storage facilities to handle the heavy duty use of these types of locations.

Haynes operates from its factory in Greendale in regional Victoria and regularly does concrete polishing for building sites in Ballarat, Creswick, Woodend, Kyneton, Gisborne, Sunbury, Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Melton. Haynes can give you information about the latest polished concrete floor costs, what is mechanically polished concrete compared to just getting sealing done and the steps needed to polish your concrete slab.

Hey Mark can give you a call if you like?

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