Polished concrete floors, the ideal flooring surface.

Hire a concrete polisher in Melbourne. Polished concrete has become the first choice for modern, forward-thinking, renovators and builders.

The modern
flooring alternative

A polished concrete floor has become the modern flooring material alternative to traditional choices like timber, tiles, pavers, carpet, lino or pool surrounds. 

It is the most cost-effective flooring material per square metre, has the lowest total cost of ownership over its lifespan, lasts longer, provides a range of health benefits, is eco-friendly and looks amazing. 

Polishing concrete
has so many benefits

Work ethic standards that
can't be matched in Melbourne

Deal direct with the owner

Deal directly with Mark Haynes who has more than 20 years of industry experience.

Australian owned

A concrete polisher in Melbourne run by an Australian husband and wife team.

Traditional values

A work ethic that puts high quality workmanship ahead of quick profits.

"takes pride in his work"

“…. a professional attitude, extreme attention to detail and exhibits a high level of skill… his availability to guide and help us before and during the concrete grinding and polishing stages was a tremendous help… Mark clearly takes pride in his work and strives to produce a high end polished concrete finish…”

How good can polished
concrete floors look?

Concrete floors can be treated so they look absolutely stunning in any environment. There are so many choices like a basic grind and seal or the high end choice of a mechanically polished concrete floor.

Whether your floor is an existing slab or a brand new one getting poured, it is a flooring surface that suits residential homes, offices, businesses or even retail stores anywhere in Melbourne. Mark can use his experience to give you a choice of finishes like salt and pepper, nil exposure, pavilion or honed.

Mark provides a free telephone consultation to help you learn about polished concrete floors pros and cons to decide what will be best for your requirements.

Learn more about
what we do

We enjoy sharing renovating or building advice to help people make the decision about whether you should treat your concrete and use it for your flooring material. Explore some of our advice, examples of our work or industry information about outdoor polished concrete patios or whether polished concrete is cheaper than tiles.

Concrete floor
polishing costs

If you are a property owner in Melbourne we are able to polish concrete floor areas between 50m2 and 1000m2 in size that are at ground level in residential homes, in a multi-storey building, in a retail shopping area or an industrial or warehouse complex. 

As long as we are able to get access to the floor area with our equipment through the doors, a lift, roller door or access ramps we can prepare, polish and seal your flooring so that it is ready for use. 

We make it easy to calculate your costs with a no obligation consultation over the phone, a site inspection and written quotation.

Deal directly with a passionate
concrete polisher

Remember the good old days when you could speak to the owner of a company, agree on a price & get the job done? Well, Mark Haynes is the founder & operator of Haynes Polished Concrete and has worked in the concrete industry for more than 25 years. 

He has a passion for mechanically polished concrete floors (his wife Ange calls it an obsession, but don’t tell Mark that). 

Renovate or build using concrete
flooring that gets polished

Our understanding of our impact on the environment is one of the biggest changes that society is experiencing at the moment. As a construction material, concrete is one of the most environmentally sustainable materials you can choose to use during the lifecycle of a building or renovation project. 

Hey Mark can give you a call if you like?

A free, no obligation, telephone chat to talk about your project.